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 Introduction To OOP with reference to PHP and OOP

Up until now you’ve probably been learning PHP or what we call procedural PHP which is the PHP that we usually start out learning when we go to school when you sit down at home by yourself and you want to learn how to program PHP and then later on you might decide to move into object-oriented PHP and you might ask yourself well what exactly is object-oriented PHP or why should you even jump into it.

oop php
oop php

OOP PHP looks different from what you’re usually used to when it comes to regular or procedural PHP so you know why would you even go from the one that you’re used to if it works so you can do what you want to do with it why would you take that step?

When it comes to PHP whether it being procedural or object-oriented they’re both some of the easiest languages to learn just to get into when it comes to learning programming and taking that step from procedural PHP where you already learned half of what you need to learn and then stepping into object-oriented PHP is quite a bit easier than if you had to take any other kind of programming language that only has Object Orientated programming as part of its framework this means that PHP is actually a lot easier to go into object oriented with than any other programming language that might be out there and that’s why I recommend that if you want to learn OOP you start with PHP because it’s an easier transition when you get into the OOP world.

With that said maybe you’re not really interested in learning object-oriented programming languages maybe just sort of curious to why you should learn PHP and then jump into OOP PHP is there any sort of benefits to it is there something else you can do using off to go into PHP? is it more powerful? what exactly is going on here!?

The core idea behind why you learn object-oriented PHP is that if you were to ever have a job in the future because OOP is so much easier to work on in a project with other people because you can divide the task into different groups it is just alot easier off to go into PHP because of this if you were to go out in the real world and actually want to get a job as part of a company they do mostly require that you know object-oriented PHP because in a company usually work together of people on projects and I might be saying well procedural PHP can also be worked as part of a project why do we have to do OOP PHP PHP well that’s because if you were to do procedural PHP you program the code in the documents into places where you need to do the specific functions that you want to do using PHP and because of this if you were to build let’s say a login system you can’t have three developers sitting on the same document developing in the same file at the same time whereas in object-oriented programming you have separate files it does different tasks depending on which file you’re holding so you can divide those files out of different people in the group in order to get a lot more done in a lot more shorter time and that’s why businesses want you to learn Object Oriented and not procedural because time is money and if you can have multiple people working on the same project to get it done faster then of course business is gonna want to have people who knows object oriented plus just to mention this if you were to give ten developers the same project they will all give you a different solution whereas when it comes to OOP programming you can more or less have people develop together in harmony in a better way than if you were to do procedurally because if you do procedurally one developers going to have his or her way of doing things meaning that only that developer can make changes to the code if changes need to be made but to give you the biggest reason of them all why should you get into Object Orientated Programming because all those reasons are good reasons but why should you get into object-oriented programming? – the fact is if you Object Orientated PHP you get to reuse a lot of the code that you write inside websites what this means is that if you were to create a website that has PHP incorporated into it as one of the main programming languages for example you have to build log-in system a user system something like that it doesn’t have to be a lot off features you need to use PHP for; already then is it better to use Object Orientated PHP programming and that’s just simply because you get to reuse your code and it compiles a lot faster because there’s less code to compile and because OOP is so systematic and organized it is just a lot easier to build larger applications and really the only place I do recommend you use procedural PHP programming is if you were to have a website that just needs to have one or two very small features when it comes to PSP anytime you move into something a little bit larger like I said a login system you’re already at a point where object-orientated just much better.

So with all thatsaid what exactly do you need to know before you can jump into Object Orientated Programming with PHP? well first of all you need to know the basics of PHP and when I say PHP I mean procedural PHP, that’s pretty much it.

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